Boudoir Lounge

bonjour ~

Welcome to your Boudoir Lounge

Our elegant lounge is designed for ladies and gents who like to mix a dash of luxe with their leisure. Step into a world where fine food, tasty tipples and bespoke beauty are laid bare on the Boudoir Lounge menu to create memories, ignite friendship and encourage new adventures.

Sway in solo, tango for two or can-can with a crew, we’re all about social style in the company of smiles.


récréation ~

Your new playground

Some spaces effortlessly inspire you through an innate sense of belonging. Step into a design fusion where classic Boudoir elegance meets nature’s refined beauty. Raise the bar in a cascade of gold and drift through the clouds as you lounge in velvet luxe. Boudoir Lounge. It’s your new playground.

ta soif ~

Oh my Boudoir!

A reputable establishment is only as good as the drinks it serves. We’ve curated a selection of distinguished cocktails, fine wines and cultured ales for a great taste that runs deep with your personality. Oh, we also have a 16ft floor to ceiling bar.

délicatesse ~

Dine like a Queen

Boudoir Lounge’s culinary experience is born from the exotic shores and picturesque hills of the classic Mediterranean region. An intimate setting harnessing revered tastes to savour every bite and every word. Dine-in style and why not stay a while?

événements ~

Beyond events, we curate memories.

Boudoir Lounge is intuitively designed to host memorable events in shared celebration. Mix it up like a dry martini – a splash of beauty, a dash of wine, a sprinkle of spice and all things nice. Your options are endless when you play at Boudoir Lounge.

Vulnerable and powerful, gentle yet fierce. We love our boudoir women!

Here, beauty has no judgements and strength is recognised through character. Boudoir Lounge welcomes the imperfect and celebrates the natural so come, belong as you are.

beauté ~

Hair & Beauty at your fingertips

There is true beauty to be found in a premium experience delivered with care and convenience. Open the doors to a Boudoir Lounge that implores the beautiful you with a menu of hair services and beauty treatments to take pleasure in.

Belong at Boudoir Lounge

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