“The Boudoir Lounge team and I believe the source of all beauty is within you. It’s our mission to empower women and make your story, live for you.”

Harvey Gebara


Tamara Zeppelini

Executive Chef

Sharing great food in a great space is what inspires me.

To create dishes that evoke conversation through tastes, textures and colours presented on every plate. The Boudoir Menu represents the quintessential Mediterranean food experience I’ve come to love so much, crafted to work just as well from table to event allowing for consistent quality across every occasion.

Each dish is carefully considered to satisfy, surprise and most of all be an integrated part of Boudoir’s culture, Bon appetite!

Tamara Zeppelini

Create a bespoke event.

Boudoir is inspired by the premise of bespoke empowerment. Mix up your event like a dry martini – a splash of beauty, a dash of wine, a sprinkle of spice and all things nice.